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Metal Power - The Ultimate EP collection I-V

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The (un) holy heavy metal grail of the Low Lands: "Metal Power I to V: The Ultimate EP collection I-V"

Pt78 Records proudly presents a compilation of the complete 'Metal Power' series that was released on Paludium Records / Iceman Records between 1983 and 1985. The initial set consisted of 5 vinyl EPs, each containing 4 talented bands from the Dutch and Belgian hard rock and heavy metal scene.

Not many of the bands that were represented at this re-release have stood the test of time. Most of them actually disappeared from the face of the earth after their contribution to the 'Metal Power' series. The series was therefore the only tangible proof of their existence. This makes this double-CD re-release a real treat for old-style headbangers as well as for the coming generations of metalheads.

'Metal Power' was originally conceived and released by guitarist Tiny 'Iceman' van Stiphout, who at the time was a member of the Dutch cult band Back Out. Rumor has it that not many metal enthusiasts own the entire 'Metal Power I to V' series. The rumor goes that Van Stiphout deposited a large number of EPs directly in the trash bin due to lack of interest. In 2019 a major error because original "Metal Power" EPs are traded individually for ridiculous prices on fairs and websites such as Discogs.

The 20 songs of the doubler have been remastered exclusively for this release by Rick Valcon from RArecordings. The official re-release of this (un) holy heavy metal grail of the Low Countries comes out on November 8 in a limited edition of only 300 pieces for an affordable price.





BACK OUT – ‘Like Hell’ 4:44


JAILBREAK – ‘Oh Lord’ 5:56

FRESH MEAT – ‘To Hell By Mistake’ 3:48


BLACK SUN ‘Der Stuka’ 4:22

SHELTER – ‘Low Spirit’ 4:45


RED DRAGON – ‘Captured’ 4:38 

DISTORTION – ‘Kick Out Of This Place’ 4:08


ALASKA – ‘The Voice Of The Metal God’  4:30

EAR DANGER – ‘King Of The Midnight Fire’ 5:14


R.F.B. – ‘Find My Way Back Home’ 3:39

ATOMIC ROCK – ‘The Spy’ 4:01


PHASER – ‘’Still Rolling On’ 3:38

SCUM – ‘Steal From The Rich’ 4:57


SCARLET ANGEL – ‘Living Wild’ 3:40

ANWAR – ‘Battle With The Beast’ 3:02


VILLAIN – ‘White Snow’ 4:19

SPOILER – ‘Are You Ready’ 3:54


PROUD EXISTENCE – ‘Blind Folded’ 6:03

BACK OUT – ‘Kiss My Ass’ 4:09


AXEL – ‘Sweet Burning Angel’ 4:33

Total playing time: 43:08

Total playing time: 45:43